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槟城恒毅国民型华文中学口琴乐团成立于1972年5月12日 至今已有44年之久,乃本校最早成立的表演艺术团体。  本团的宗旨乃发扬口琴音乐艺术、 培育口琴表演人才、提高本校口琴音乐水准,同时培训品学兼优及具领导才能的好学生。本团团员抱持事事尽心尽力,力求精益求精的精神,无时无刻都积极努力学习,为每一场演出呈献最出色的口琴演绎,使本团成为一支备受瞩目的团体。


Established on 12 May 1972, Heng Ee High School Harmonica Band, with 44 Years of glorious history, is currently the oldest artistic club in Heng Ee High School. The band’s goals are to carry on the harmonica tradition, to provide guidance bring up the next generation of harmonica musicians, to raise the level of harmonica plating and withheld the spirit of constant self improvement. Heng Ee High School Harmonica Band strives to give the audience a virtuoso performance on stage and to be recognized locally and internationally.


本团在近几年的比赛中获得不少奖项,其中包括  :


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